Practical info

Practical info

The master track consists of 6 meetings spread over 8 months, the first and last of which take place with the entire group. In the group meetings the emphasis is on analyzing and observing each other's work, exchange, inspiring each other, learning from each other. Between start and finish, work meetings take place every 1.5 months with your assigned supervisor. You then discuss individually or in pairs the work that arose after previously received feedback. The discussions are in principle in your individual supervisor's studio; by agreement, content can also be provided online feedback . A customized assignment may be suggested.

Halfway through, you will change your supervisor. You speak to two of the three DIA-supervisors during the course. We take great care in matching participants and facilitators. Often the learning question is leading and we see which coach can give the best input from his own experience. We also look at practical matters such as travel distance and try to match participants who already know one of the supervisors with the other two.

The cost for the master's program in Contemporary Drawing is 900 euro (incl. BTW). If you are accepted, you will receive an invoice prior to the course. Only after payment you are assured of participation. You register for the entire master's program.

A separate counseling session with one of the counselors is also available. Mariëtte Linders offers these conversations online. You meet the other counselors live. The price for this is 90 per hour (incl. BTW).

For questions mail to:

Examples of learning questions from previous participants:

'While drawing, sometimes the (intentional) content or image slips away from me, I don't really know how to relate to it. I would like to get more insight into how far my works relate to each other, and whether it has enough of a recognizable kind of unity.' 

"My tendency is to want to tell a 'story,' while at the same time I like to be seduced by pure form and material. How do I bring that together? My goal is to achieve more direction in my work and gain more certainty in how I present myself with my work.' 

'My pitfall is that my work becomes pictures. How can I seek more abstraction and imagination? And still keep using my own concrete visual language, and the humor that is in the ordinary and lighthearted.'

Experiences of previous participants: 

'Each time I went home in good spirits, confirmed in what I was doing and with concrete tools'

'More focus on the question: what am I making, what is important to me? And learning more about the question: how do others view my work?'

'It has done me good that other artists have looked carefully at my work. It has given me more confidence and direction. It has expanded my network.'


DIA uses a selection procedure. Candidates submit a selection of their work digitally and motivate their registration in writing. Work, motivation and learning requirement are assessed by the supervisors of DIA assessed. Attention is paid to originality, technique, development potential and visual ability.  

Application for the fifth master's program in Contemporary Drawing is open until July 31, 2023.The maximum number of participants is 12. 

Important: the application must consist of one PDF, no larger than 8 MB, with: 

  • Maximum of ten images, please include title, size, year and technique with each image. 
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Learning question/purpose 
  • Motivation of up to one A4