This species is also called two-petaled ash because of the characteristic split petals. Though it is similar to a white ash in texture; it’s medium to coarse with a straight and regular grain that is only sometimes curly. Wood identification White ash (Fraxinus americana) grows from the East to the Midwest. Related: Types of Lumber | Types of Hardwood Flooring | Types of Pine Wood | Types of Mahogany Wood | Types of Cherry Wood | Types of Oak Wood | Types of Walnut Wood | Lumber Dimensions | Types of Beech Wood | Types of Acacia Wood | Types of Poplar Wood | Types of Ebony Wood | Types of Cedar Wood | Types of Alder Wood | Types of Teak Wood | Types of Tiger Wood | Types of Hickory Wood | Types of Fir Wood | Types of Plywood | What is MDF Board. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The seeds, branches, and leaves are used as food by a number of birds and animals. These are medium sized trees that grow up to 50 feet in height. Its also tied to many legends. The name ash comes from the word spear, which could be a reference to its spear-shaped leaves or the fact that ancient peoples used the tree to make weaponry. These are very tall trees that grow to almost 60-70 feet. Ash is also flexible, especially when steamed, making it a popular choice for bentwood designs. It’s a tall variety of tree that can grow up to 80-100 feet in height. Pumpkin ash trees can be found mostly in eastern and North America. These trees grow best in cold and wet areas. The flowers on this tree have a pleasant smell. Green ash and blue ash. You can also use ash wood as firewood for smoking meat. It's strong and durable - which is why you'll see it used in custom furniture, flooring, baseball bats, and also musical instruments." Blue ash heartwood is a light to medium brown, slightly darker than white ash. The heartwood often has gum and mineral veins, as well as streaks. … White Ash Wood Sample Ash is one of the most popular hardwoods in furniture construction. It’s a durable variety of ash wood with a Janka hardness of 1200lb. This is why it is important to be sure you trust the seller before you buy anything claiming to be ash wood. How to Distress Furniture for that Worn White Painted Look, The Most Basic Tutorial for How to Reupholster, How to Paint a Table with the Best Black Furniture Paint & Stain, How to Paint Furniture with the Best Silver Metallic Paint, How to Add Floral Decoupage to Hand Painted Furniture, How to Paint Wood Furniture Inspired by Beauty & the Beast. It comes from the family of trees known as Oleaceae – the olive tree family. If you’re unaware of what that means, the Janka Test is used to determine how durable a variety of wood is. Thanks to the ability of green ash trees to grow in a variety of soil conditions and challenging weather, it is one of the most common ash wood type found in the United States. Because of its aesthetically pleasing color and simplistic design, ash wood is a very popular type of wood for home furnishing, specifically in mid-century or modern style artisanal furniture. According to Vikings, the mythological god Odin created the first man on earth using the ash tree. Your email address will not be published. Log in, How to Paint Furniture – A Beginners Guide, Monthly Social Blog Hops with the Best DIY Blogs, Supplies & Tools Needed to White Wash Wood Furniture, Find all of my favorite tools and products on my, « How to Make the Best Healthy Banana Muffins, How to Add Drawer Liners to Painted Furniture the Easy Way ». This type of ash wood is characterized by light to medium brown color of the heartwood with deeply figured grain patterns sometimes referred to as “peanut” figures. They are especially popular in the manufacturing of bows, snooker poles, and tennis rackets. Ashwood is characterized by its straight grain and light brown to beige hue. Image Title: Blue ash tree. These are medium sized trees that grow best in wet soils which is why they are most commonly found near swamps. These trees are commonly found in New Mexico, Texas, and parts of Arizona. Historically, ash wood has been used in a variety of ways apart from just building furniture. These trees are usually between 60-80 feet tall and are characterized by the beautiful purple foliage during the fall season. Tamo ash is also commonly known as Japanese or Manchurian ash and is fairly durable with an estimated Janka hardness of 1010. The grain can sometimes be moderately curly but tends to almost always be straight and regular with a medium to coarse texture. The tree is named after the sacred food in the Bible and is commonly used for medicinal purposed, by extracting the mannitol and mannose from the sap. It is also sometimes referred to as red ash, swamp ash, and water ash. Also known as white cedar and chinaberry, Melia Azedarach is native to South Asia but now grows in many places around the world. The heartwood is a light to medium brown but darker streaks sometimes appear and are sold as a variety of Olive Ash. Norse mythology refers to it as The World Tree and claims the first man came from ash and burning ash as a Yule log assures a prosperous year ahead. White ash is also known as Biltmore ash and is one of the most common varieties of ash in the United States. Known as little leaf ash, dogleg ash, and Mexican ash, these trees are probably the shortest out of all the different ash trees. Blue ash trees are found mostly in patches around the midwestern area of the United States. Black ash trees are also a big part of the natural ecosystem. Also known as Raywood ash, desert ass, and claret ash, this tree is found mostly in northwest Africa, southwest Asia, and central Europe. Image Title: Blue ash tree Image Description: bark from fraxinus quadrangulata Alt Text: blue ash bark. These can also be grown in large containers and have moderate drought resistance.