Then I mixed in the avocado dressing, and WOW, what a great combo! Jalapeno- This recipe uses half to one whole jalapeno. I think of all our kitchen conversations while I cooked and he washed the dishes. We are starting this process with the creamy garlic dressing first as the garlic needs time to work its magic. The possibilities are endless with this spicy spinach avocado dressing! 1/2 cup Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil. 1 teaspoon Sweet Habanero Seasoning. You could easily double this recipe for an easy party dip. This is going in my permanent rotation for a delicious and healthier alternative to a cream-based or mayonnaise-based dressing. Peel the garlic cloves and chop roughly. I wanted some kind of avocado dressing for the salad I made for dinner tonight. The flavors were very nice and complimented the chicken well. Two hours in the fridge before serving is ideal. Juice of 2 limes. This spicy spinach avocado dressing tastes amazing when paired with my cozy quinoa veggie stir fry! Directions: Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. This spicy avocado ranch dressing is extra rich with the addition of avocado, making this excellent for salads or buffalo wings. Every time I make this Mexican Chopped Salad with Spicy Avocado Dressing, along with many other recipes, I think of Bruce. How to Make Spicy Green Salad with Avocado How to Make Creamy Garlic Dressing. I made asparagus (blanched & shocked in ice water) with cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta. 1 bunch cilantro. Mayonnaise- I typically use vegan Just Mayo to keep it BBQ friendly and accommodate everyone but any mayo of your choice will work. You can give this dressing a try with the quinoa stir fry, or with another dish. Spicy Avocado Dressing. Avocado- One full delicious ripe avocado is all you need. Spicy Avocado Ranch Dressing . Ingredients: 1/2 avocado. None of my clients ever washed the dishes. I’m so glad I ran across your recipe, my fiancé and I agree that this is freaking awesome! It was a tiny glimpse into a kind soul that was wrapped in a tough and rugged exterior. I recommend going light and adding more to the dressing until you get to your perfect spice level. I have tried spreading this dressing on a slice of bread with a slice of my favourite vegan cheese, and fresh tomatoes! 1 clove garlic . This dressing was my finishing touch on a salad with lettuce spinach peppers and "Beer Lime Grilled Chicken" also on this site. Another vegan option … Which always warmed my heart. You can make this up to nearly a week in advance and put it on everything all week long. The dressing comes out creamy and tangy with a nice hit of heat on the end. Thanks so much for sharing! Can certainly be made overnight too if you wish. Except for Bruce. Spicy Avocado Dressing. Makes about 3/4 cup. Prep time: 5 minutes . Peel the salad onion and chop finely to yield 1 tsp.