Oxygen is sent back into the atmosphere during photosynthesis. 8 (No Transcript) 9 History of Oxygen. The oxygen is the atmosphere is the source of ozone (O 3). Oxygen cycle. In the simple example of the oxygen cycle shown below, you can see how oxygen is used and cycled by plants and animals. Oxygen Cycle. 7 Step Three in Oxygen Cycle. Oxide compounds, such as CO2 also contain oxygen. Published on Dec 9, 2015 Oxygen-cycle is referred to as the cycle that maintains the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. The Ozone layer protects organisms by preventing most of the ultraviolet and X-ray from reaching the earth’s surface. Oxygen is an important component of life. 6 Step Two of Oxygen Cycle. After carbon, oxygen is one of the most abundant elements on earth. As we are aware oxygen is absolutely essential for all living organisms to survive. Oxygen is balanced between the atmosphere and the ocean. d) Oxygen cycle :- Oxygen in the atmosphere is used for respiration, combustion and formation of oxide of elements. Filed Under: Class 9, Natural resources Tagged With: ammonification, denitrification, nitrification, nitrogen, nitrogen cycle About Mrs Shilpi Nagpal Author of this website, Mrs Shilpi Nagpal is MSc (Hons, Chemistry) and BSc (Hons, Chemistry) from Delhi University, B.Ed (I. P. University) and has many years of experience in teaching. The oxygen cycle is the cycle that helps move oxygen through the three main regions of the Earth, the Atmosphere, the Biosphere, and the Lithosphere. In combined form, it is found both in Earth’s crust and in the air. These notes will also be useful for other competitive exams like banking PO, SSC, state civil services exams and so on. In the air, it … Animals then break down sugars and food. The Oxygen Cycle Oxygen is constantly being used and created by different processes on planet Earth. The oxygen cycle is the biogeochemical transitions of oxygen atoms between different oxidation states in ions, oxides, and molecules through redox reactions within and between the spheres/reservoirs of the planet Earth. Oxygen is an essential component of biological molecules like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. oxygen. We cannot survive without oxygen. Free in the air and dissolved in water, oxygen is second only to nitrogen in abundance among uncombined elements in the atmosphere. Oxygen cycle, circulation of oxygen in various forms through nature. It is also an atom in the molecule of water (H 2 O). NCERT Notes: The Oxygen Cycle [Geography Notes For UPSC] NCERT notes on important topics for the UPSC civil services exam. Plants and other producers use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. Plants and animals use oxygen to respire and return it to the air and water as carbon dioxide It comprises about 21% of atmospheric air. About 21% of our air is composed of oxygen. All of these processes together make up the oxygen cycle. It is also present in dissolved form in water bodies and helps in the survival of aquatic life. The oxygen cycle is interconnected with the carbon cycle. In intervening steps the oxygen is incorporated in water, and in this form it can interlink with the water cycle or indirectly with carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is released by animals and used in plants in photosynthesis. Animals take in oxygen through the process of respiration.