You are rapidly approaching the turn during which you will be able to finish the game. Its first ability helps control your opponents draw, allowing you to prepare for future turns. Control It can be snuck out due to flash and also can help your strategy but utilizing your opponent's cards that you stole with this card. It can become a copy of anything I need, or an extra of what I have. It will also be a target of creature removal spells. This is the most efficient and effective way to accelerate your mana as quickly as possible. Lifegain Commander (EDH) Multiplayer Commander Decklists [[Competitive]] Oloro Control [Competitive] Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Oloro Control #1 May 22, 2014. It's definitely a Mid to late game choice often. Contact | I rise from my throne, preparing myself for my long journey. Always watching, always protecting. I run an optimized land base, and the three ABUR/Original duals and nine fetch lands cost quite a bit. Copied to clipboard. **Credit to GhostChieftain for this cards inclusion. | IN 7 FOLDERS, Disclaimer: Something to keep in mind when giving input for the deck. The main point of this stage is to win the game. This card is a continual draw effect, which the deck needs to keep pace with other decks. TCGplayer: $0.00. Your main goal, out of the gate, is to build and stop your opponents from gaining a any kind of lead. The following cards are being considered for removal from the deck: The following cards are being considered for inclusion into the deck: Another "free" counter to help combo pieces resolve or stop opponent's combo pieces. This card builds off of Oloro to help protect you and remove threats. Do you like to bide your time and wait for your perfect moment as you watch the world burn around you, and then take the charred remains for yourself? Oloro, Lifegain Ascetic Commander / EDH* Combo Competitive Death and Taxes Infinite Combo Lifegain WUB (Esper) K i n g _ R a i k o u I want a card that does more than becomes big, which is why I didn't chose him. Sen Triplets is a fun chioce for a General/Commander. Theft/Beats: Gilded Drake, Bribery, reanimator enchantments, Helm of Obedience and Elesh Norn provide the late game beats. Thinking of finding space for Hullbreacher. If yes, then Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is the only commander for you. With the amount of draw in the deck, the downside of cards returning to the top of the library is overcome. When you can afford to, cast draw engines like Rhystic Study, Phyrexian Arena, and Well of Lost Dreams. Many realms have tried to stop me, many realms have failed, and this one is no different. So I didn't chose this card for that reason. It comes down early and produces one of the 3 colors needed for this deck, helping color fix as soon as possible. Efficient creature removal at any time deemed viable. This card is a quick and efficient counterspell. Aug. 18, 2018, Minor change — Truthfully, my deck is probably B/B+ tier in our current meta, which is why I'm looking for improvements. 10 COMMENTS | The cards in this deck are as follows: This card is utility with low cost. Helps in a variety of situations granting you the ability to push thru potential road blocks. Or, better yet, reanimate Gilded Drake for pseudo-stealing the board. This deck has been relatively competitive in an EXTREMELY brutal meta. Those choices where: Chromium, Dakkon Blackblade, Dromar, the Banisher, Ertai, the Corrupted, Halfdane, Lady Evangela, Merieke Ri Berit, Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, Sen Triplets, Sharuum the Hegemon, Sydri, Galvanic Genius, and Zur the Enchanter. Refers to the dual lands with basic land types that enter tapped unless you have two or more basics already in play. Long have I been away; long my throne has grown cold. Exile The downside is mitigated by the decks lifegain. When they finally decide to pay attention, you have more life then they can take, some powerful build up with control in your hand. This card acts like a free spell. At your discretion, take down your opponents each individually or if you find the right opportunity to take them all out at once, take it. It is also searchable as well, allowing the ability to get it on opponent's turn. Quick recasting of spells can catch your opponents off guard and potentially thwart their plans. These lands (Morphic Pool and Sea of Clouds) are the next cycle of made for commander lands. Hard choice to make, but well worth it. The goal of a deck like this is to either prevent damage and gain life or play with creatures to win. This card is in here as another counter with the added ability to counter permanent abilities and triggers as well. Also, keep in mind that this deck is being optimized for a more competitive multiplayer environment. At its best, it manipulates the game to however you see fit. This deck blends elements of life gain with elements of control to achieve a balance between powerful resilience and consistency. It's too expensive for what it does and isn't more powerful or more necessary than the other cards. This card is a low costed and efficient counter all spell. Victorious, I sits on my ever cold, frigid throne. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic has the best ability which triggers in the Command zone, plus more if he is in play. Because of those two reason, I didn't go with it. Thankfully, the rest of this decklist is relatively inexpensive aside from a few cards. This card is a great way of permanently getting rid of an annoying non-land permanent, and oloro's ability eliminates the downside. This synergy helps represent some of the lifegain being used to help with the control by giving Karlov more counters in a turn to help remove more permanents from your opponent's. This card is a staple for control decks. ***Credit to GhostChieftain and Granum for this cards inclusion.***. A counterspell or tutor also wouldn't hurt. Two, it values versatility above all else. This card is good for getting annoying hexproof and indestructible creatures off the board with the potential bonus of only costing one. It is also my favorite color combo in magic so far; arguably the best...scratch that, it is the best ;). This card stops your opponent's from being able to search their libraries, slowing them down. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. Reanimator: Animate Dead, Necromancy and Entomb make up this suite. This deck is based off of heavy control and high consistency. The instants in the deck are the core for the decks control. This is the beginning of your opponents resources starting to dwindle. This decklist is organized into my custom categories. Nov. 30, 2019, Update 8/18/18 — Since you gain life every turn, you can use Heliod to help boost your defenses and increase your life resource even more. These colors just excel at control. It allows you to not only copy your own permanents, but your opponent's permanents as well. This combo causes and instant win by removing your library in response to the oracle's trigger. I sit, I wait, and I live my long, everlasting life. ***Credit to user:TheDevicer for this cards inclusion.***. They accelerate you to help keep pace with decks and they can produce colorless without life penalty later in the game when the colors aren't relevant. But the end build of the deck will be almost the same as every other version of her deck, which isn't really all that fun. We use our incremental life gain throughout the game to not only stay alive in my creature heavy meta, but also give us the necessary padding and … It stops your opponent's ability to play things on other players turns, which can better help you control the board. ***Credit to user:TheDevicer for these cards inclusion.***. This combination is to show how the deck slows down your opponent's. This card allows you to stop your opponent's ability to tutor with an efficient mana cost. If yes, then Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is the only commander for you. Always on my throne; collecting, defending, and waiting. Copy. $17.99. The perfect opportunity will not always arise and you will occasionally need to take a calculated risk to win, don't let your opponents advance ever. This card is the best utility you can get. I attack, I annihilate, and I conquer. For example, this deck runs Force of Will as an effective counter, but a cheaper alternative could be Cancel. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic. Additionally, you want to see at least one ramp artifact by turn two (turn three is acceptable, but not as good). Counterspell It is now a staple in every multicolored EDH deck. Reanimating Sun Titan, Elesh Norn or Consecrated Sphinx is obvious, but it also turns my opponent's creatures (that I've board wiped) against them.