Because of its small size (1800mm x 1800mm) it may be delivered assembled and as a plug and play solution where you’d be up and running in no time. I purchased one (H3 model) directly from their site after doing extensive research on motion simulators. Buy DOF Reality Motion Simulator platfrom COVID-19: We have stock and our production is working at full capacity to ship orders via FedEx to your door. SimXperience Motion Racing Simulators. I never thought I would own a full blown motion simulator due to the ridiculously high prices ($10k - $100k range) until DOF Reality showed up. Menu. Each related material and product passes strict quality control before we deliver the finished product to you. simtools compatible for pc telemetry based motion feedback. RSEAT Gaming seats, Cockpits and motion simulators. ... We produce quality, which can be bought at a reasonable price. order affordable motion simulator rig platform now. The product arrived fairly quickly (a week and a half) considering it being shipped from Ukraine. With a max payload of 400kg and with support feet, this motion platform is the ultimate solution for any low weight / single-seated simulation with the necessity for easy transportation. compatible with any driving game, old, new or un-released. Use the best raw materials from well-known manufacturers across EU including France, Germany and Italy. true plug and play motion sim gaming on consoles and pc. low maintenance, minimal assembled required on delivery. The Ultimate in Motion Racing Simulation, providing solutions for DIY sim builders, commercial companies, and race teams alike. heave and sway motion for an immersive racing experience.