Due to the technological advancements in cancer treatment, stem cell research and medical diagnosis, people of retirement age can continue a productive life at work longer than ever before. Again, example 2 contains more words that help score higher. Based on the current practise, the council usually collect the wastage once a week. January 05, 2018 at 05:16. sir i wanna know can we use as compared to with comparative degrees??? You need to use good collocations. « Quick message for students in Beijing, China | Simply replacing it with the word ‘more’. It is used to describe ordinary standard, plain taste when the topic is food or bad quality when talking about products. It is not enough that 2 times the penalty to crime which affects community peace, to prison sentences for repeat offenders. Lastly, try avoiding the 10 most common informal words in your writing: This word is not only overused but it belongs to colloquial spoken language. April 10, 2018 at 16:42, put education at the centre of a recycling campaign, the environmental impact of household waste, Another tactic that governments could use, « Quick message for students in Beijing, China, just one possible way to tackle the problem. Posted by: Address: No. This word is a very basic colloquial adjective that goes well with almost every noun. But they should not be used in writing as they are spoken language. The father is householders of family in Asisan Nations. People usually avoid recycling the rubbish due to laziness in my opinion. In the following examples, sentence 2 is the one that gets a higher score. A very common cliché is ‘Every coin has two sides’; do not use it. These words make the sentence unnecessarily complex. Therefore, people would be forced to build up the habit of recycling under the new regulation. Their arguments of enforcing the government to set up the law are based on the believe that people would obey the law and avoid penalties. Word: Meaning / Synonym: Pit-stop: a stop at a pit for servicing and refueling, especially during a race. On the other hand, in the second example, words such as: These words relate to the topic well. IELTS BAND 7 WRITING, SPEAKING VOCABULARY. All of the employees are in insurance system according to new legislation. One of the two words will be sufficient to convey the same meaning. Therefore in order to score better in the LR marking criteria, you need to read extensively and when you see less common words or phrases that are used naturally in a specific topic, record them in your notebook and classify them according to the 7 topics of IELTS writing task 2. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Practically, it is difficulty for the council to implement the law. This post will clarify some misleading beliefs about ‘advanced vocabulary’ that can help your IELTS score. Try using more specific language that suits the topic of discussion, for example: ‘inadequate performance; shoddy product; rotten smell; incompetent skills; damaging effect’. For example, let us say a written response is being prepared to the topic ‘Do you agree or disagree that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school education?’. IELTS BAND 7 WRITING, SPEAKING VOCABULARY – SET 27. Put a full stop on the list that you are trying to convey. Therefore when it comes to conjunction words, they can be as simple as the following examples: Although these cohesion words are perfectly fine for a band 8 or even band 9 essay, they are not the determining factors for the score. gurinder | Therefore, legislation may be helpful to decrease the unnecessary wastage through recycling. IELTS Vocabulary: band 7 or higher To get a band 7, you don't need to learn "big" or "difficult" words. janice | You may replace it with ‘vastly; especially; immensely or excessively’. Try using higher level adjectives that more accurately illustrate the scenarios, such as an intriguing book, excellent exam grade, or exceptional flavor. Although the idea of putting this matter to the legislative level is not a problem, there are more concerns behind the issue. Environmentalists always concern about the practise of people in wastage recycling. To sum up, the following topic language would potentially help students score higher in the exam: Also, many students misunderstand the marking criteria of ‘Lexical Resource (LR)’ and ‘Grammatical Range & Accuracy (GA)’. Posted by: Therefore, it is difficulty to recognise if there is any rubbish which is supposed to be recycled. | IELTS Reading: get to the end! By that, they are referring to words or vocabulary that are related to the specific topic; sometimes it is called ‘Topic Language’. Download in PDF. Try replacing it with more specific words such as ‘youngsters; teenagers; youth; adolescents; children; or infants’. Local hospitals must seperate medical and household waste. You need to learn how to use words together. Firstly, I agree legislation can enforce people to recycle the waste in a small extent. Posted by: Meanwhile, no matter the rubbish bin on the street or inside the multi-units apartments, it is impossible to distinguish whose fault of not recycling the rubbish properly. When serving as a volunteer, students would have the opportunity to learn new things which may help them find a job in the future. Print. Note them down, and try to use them in your own sentences - perhaps you could even try rewriting the essay using the list below to help you. As a result of better technology in treatment, research, and diagnosis, people nowadays can work longer as they age. Phrases such as ‘They went out to try something new; I would do something when I am free at home’ are both informal. How to prepare for the IELTS Writing Task 1, IELTS Marking Criteria for Writing Task 1, Paragraph & Structure – IELTS writing task 1, Paragraph & Structure – IELTS Writing Task 2, IELTS Essay Correction Service (雅思作文批改服務), Paragraph & Structure – IELTS Writing task 1, How to paragraph in your IELTS writing task 1 - structure and tips. When marking IELTS reports or essays, examiners are looking for ‘less common’ vocabulary that is used to discuss specific topics. Using sophisticated or difficult conjunction words WILL NOT give you a high band score; for instance, if we are forming a response to the question ‘Do you agree that learning from computers is better than from human teachers?’. IELTS Vocabulary: band 7-9 phrases Here are the best words and phrases from Wednesday's essay . During the process of wastage collection, the rubbish collection truck is utilised to pull the rubbish bin upside down towards the back of the truck. In the process of setting up the legislation, the government needs to consider the factor of how to penalise people without obeying the law and recycle the rubbish properly. This refers to wild or aggressive behavior but can be quite colloquial; words such as ‘irresponsible; questionable; misguided’ are better choices for writing. It is the ideal solution to take the corporeal courses from human teachers to build up your knowledge concomitant with online learning to be the applicable complement, The ideal solution may involve participating in classroom learning with a tangible teacher while reinforcing the cognitive development with online homework, The main reason why I believe (buildings should project style) is that…, On the one hand, it is (cruel to expel illegal migrants ), on the other hand, it is (necessary to prevent more unlawfully arrivals)…. Therefore, penalizing people without recycling the rubbish with legislation is not practical in a large extent. This is frequently used interchangeably with ‘very’, though neither is formal enough for writing. In the first sentence, the use of words such as ‘corporeal courses; concomitant; applicable complement’ WILL NOT help your score in the LA and GR marking criteria. On the other hand, I suggest education is more practical and fundamental to promote and change the attitude of people about the importance of recycling the rubbish and the influence of not doing so.