When the humbucker is split, the slug side of the humbucker bridge combines with the middle single coil pickup in the humcancelling mode. There are two most often recommended combinations for an S-S-H combination: Set 1: Lollar Vintage Blonde neck, Lollar Vintage Blonde middle, and a low wind Lollar Imperial F-spaced bridge. Remember that we have a 30-day return policy. When I switch to it, the general vibe is just a bit more raunch and nastiness in the tone, but not a totally different tone. Wiring Ideas. Wiring Diagram For 1 Humbucker 1 Single Coil 2 Volumes 1 Tone Source: cdn11.bigcommerce.com. Curious to know what people's opinions are on the best bridge position humbucker and neck position only single coil combination (HB/S not HS/S/S) for straight up rock tones. I nearly went with a single coil neck and humbucker bridge in my thinline project. tones, bombastic high output shred tones, and everything in between with your classic SSS Strat setup. Keep the wiring as is, but wire a 470K reistor in with the single coil (connect one end to the spot on the switch where the single coil hot wire is going and the other end to ground). The SH-6 is a high-ouput humbucker, so hotter single-coil designs (like the SSL-3) will pair nicely. And with the ability to mix "colors" in the dually, you could get a huge array of sounds. Confident that you really know what you’re doing? When I switch to it from any single coil, there's not a massive tonal shift. I think it sounds great with the single coils. Thought about doing Lace Sensors with a dually in the bridge. Enter the Single Coil-Sized Humbuckers: all the huge, warm, harmonically rich power of a full-sized humbucker in a drop-in replacement, single coil size for Strat. Energy Off. Now you can achieve vintage P.A.F. 1. If you want to go hum-cancelling for your single-coils, the STK-S6 would work very nicely. Some might argue that Lace Sensors aren't as expressive as classic single coils, but boy do they sound good. Hello everyone :) I have a stratocaster with a les paul style 3 way switch (switches from bridge pickup to both pickups, to just neck pickup), The guitar has a seymour duncan TB59 Trembucker humbucker in the bridge, and a strat single coil at the neck (no middle pickup) and they just go to a 500k volume pot and no tones. Alternatively, you could always go full-humbucker with some SHR-1 Hot Rails. Re: 1 Humbucker/1 Single coil wiring, which pot combination? Be sure to keep these security tips in mind to avoid hazards during your home cabling project. Log in to Reply. It sounds like a humbucker for sure, with more crunch, and sustain, and a slightly thicker sound, but the volume pretty much stays the same. I would love it if I could split the humbucker too. This will make the single coil "see" a 250K volume pot. We want you to find the right pickups for your guitar!