free medical surgeries, treatments & organizes medical camps across Pakistan. Edhi Land Ambulance Service was initially started by including a second hand Hillman Pickup Truck and that was refurbished into the first ambulance, thereby coining “Poor Patient Ambulance”. Throughout the relief effort, the Sarwar’s became one of the largest donors to citizens in the region and in 2013; they expanded their efforts internationally to reach a wider scope of people. The objective of Alkhidmat Foundation for its ambulance service is to mitigate the severity of accidents or disasters where many people die as a result of unavailability of quick access to hospitals or ambulances arriving too late on the scene. HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education) is a large charitable organization and aims to provide health and education to the poor and needy in Pakistan. These organizations bear all medical expenses, including the cost of medicines, hospital bills, surgeries etc. Top NGOs of Pakistan 1. Donate to that particular patient and get tax exemption. IFP is on the way forward in achieving the best results during disasters and peace time projects to include Health, Blood Bank, Awareness Programs, Free Medical Camps, Education & Capacity Building – this is the core agenda of Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan – IFP. Health Program has evolved over last 39. more . Then we have also seen incidents where some hospitals shamelessly showed reluctance to provide surgical emergency treatments to poor patients because they didn’t have the money to pay for the expensive facilities. Mrs. Bilquis Edhi is supervising and looking after the caring and feeding of babies and children. For over 20 years, Hope Uplift Foundation has been a reflection of its name by giving hope to the underprivileged. The core considerations while doing this classification include; credit unions, co-ops. The countrywide network maintains a track record of 10-minute response time and documentation system. Provision of primary health care services. On the strong belief that businesses have the responsibility to their community, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation was inaugurated. Simple deliveries are conducted in the MCH Centre. These departments are efficiently working for the cause of the society. Community development and organization into CBO’S. Top 15 NGOs in Pakistan. It is run by a team of highly motivated intellectuals and social workers comprising of Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Business Executives and Representatives of various fields of life. This organization receives aid from different parts of the world. The dept. Since many years, the international and local NGOs have endeavored to fill the gaps that have been oft-cited for the public sector in Pakistan. Keeping in the view the situation of poor infrastructure of health sector in Pakistan, they have started a number of projects to improve the situation by provision of facilities for the general public, regardless of their socio-economic status. Poverty has become a big threat to human security everywhere. On the top, there is none other than the Edhi Foundation, which is the biggest name in the history of Pakistan. It did this with IEC material, mobilizing the community and implementing programmes and activities to strengthen each link of the chain. Doctors at present day are actually better technically at what they’re doing in their specialty compared to the doctors in the same field 40 or 50 years ago. Being a silent observer wasn’t going to solve anything. Anemia is treated, nutrition advice is given and fetal monitoring is carried out. HASWA gets regular donations in kind from donors all over the world. To provide emotional and financial support to people suffering from congenital defects and physical handicaps specially those who are unable to finance their treatment. Last year, your Zakat made it possible to treat almost 75% of their patients for free. At the same time, the local or regional tax exemptions may also be applied to these organizations, according to the region they are working in and for. It is an NGO that uplifts the poor and the needy by offering many windows to help. Transparent Hands provides The Pakistan Red Crescent Society was established on 20th December 1947 By Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah by an order called “Pakistan Red Cross Order” under the Act. As one of the largest cancer care centres in Pakistan, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre offers a complete range of health care services including clinical, diagnostic, out-patient, and others. In such situation the role of ambulance service has gained major importance. At the same time, it is important to note that these organizations may qualify as for the exemption of income tax, or any other financial benefits. The like-minded individuals had previously worked in the development sector with various NGOs and were able to share a variety of expertise and experience. The goal of SAF is to go global and create an alliance with other reputable foundations to serve people irrespective of race, religion, national origin, and color. 812 0 . Interventional Pain Service with dedicated pain nurse provides a wide variety of solutions to patients in sever pain. Healthcare and Social Welfare Association is in seventh position of our List of Top 10 NGOs Organizing Medical Camps in Pakistan. Meanwhile, donors have come to expect modern, seamless online experiences ranging from iTunes, to Amazon, to Uber. Pakistan and received the UK Women of the Year Award in 2016. They have affiliation with International NGOs and Foundations. The nation was shocked and taken aback with incidents of terrible callousness leading to deaths of many hospitalized patients often due to wrong diagnosis, wrong medication or careless activities during the surgeries which have raised several questions about the moral and ethical practices of the doctors. HASWA is a not-for-profit organization working for the thousands of impoverished children in Pakistan who suffer physically from a congenital deformity or injury and do not have access to basic medical care let alone the re-constructive plastic surgery they need to lead normal productive lives.