If you value this objective and impact-driven journalism, please consider becoming a sustaining member. Alarm clock - plastic - pressing and pushing a button - snapping and clicking 2. The companies argue, for example, that they do not clear cut forests, but rather “manage” harvests in such a way that carbon sequestration is undisturbed, even as forest advocates tracking those same harvesting methods tell a far different story. Sparkling stream in the quiet quiet Black Forest. Alarm clock - plastic - pressing and pushing a button - snapping and clicking - quick and rapid - multiple 2. The Dutch government will decide this fall how, or if, to incorporate these recommendations into its climate change mitigations laws. Vietnam, relatively new to pellet production, will likely clear cut thousands of acres of rainforest to meet Japan’s surging biomass demand. Consider these news items, most published in just the past few months, sampling the industry’s explosive growth: Forest experts have argued for a decade that the biomass industry is the beneficiary of a flaw in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that classified forest biomass burning as a renewable energy source equivalent to zero-carbon wind and solar.[/caption]. Soundsnap © 2008 - 2020, All rights reserved. Studies have shown that carbon neutrality, if enough new trees are planted to replace those pelletized, takes 50-100 years — a timeframe far too long given the accelerating pace of climate change. Photo © Sergey G. Surmach. “It goes back to the problem with the RED and the belief that there is [such a thing as] sustainable biomass,” Frost told Mongabay. Alarm clock - plastic - pressing and pushing a button - snapping and clicking - heavy - aggressive 2. humming of a beehive, swarm of bees, humming of bees, bee attack download ~ 170 sec. “We have to make sure that what we do with biofuels is sustainable and does not do more harm than that it does good.”. She called the SER solution an imperfect compromise, but told Mongabay, “If the Dutch government accepts the recommendations and implements them, that would send a really strong signal to other EU nations [on biomass]. Alarm clock - plastic - switch - setting time, locking wake, sliding, clicking, and snapping - 3 modes. poised to set punishing new records in 2020, Fueled by impunity, invasions surge in Brazil’s Indigenous lands, Chinese demand and domestic instability are wiping out Senegal’s last forests, Solomon Islands environmental defender faces life sentence for arson charge, Threatened species caught in crossfire of ongoing land conflict in Myanmar, ‘Tamper with nature, and everyone suffers’: Q&A with ecologist Enric Sala, New paper highlights spread of organized crime from global fisheries, Study: Chinese ‘dark fleets’ illegally defying sanctions by fishing in North Korean waters, Game changer? Global alarm sounds as biomass burning surges by Justin Catanoso on 31 August 2020 . U.S. wood pellet exports have more than tripled, from 1.9 million metric tons in 2012 to about 6.9 million metric tons in 2019; the first five months of 2020 outpaced the first five months of last year, according to Forisk Consulting, which analyzes the industry. To meet that need, it is converting more than 20 coal-fired power plants to co-fire with wood pellets and coal until a complete transition to pellets can be made. 12 "Forest" Sound Effects & Noises . “While our industry welcomes robust scrutiny and debate on the issues,” said Seth Ginther, executive director of the U.S. Industrial Pellet Association, in a statement, “it’s important for us to recognize and acknowledge that we have reached a tipping point where the overwhelming data, evidence and peer reviewed research points to the fact that sustainable biomass is part of the climate change solution.”.