Publisher: Princeton University Press; 2nd It may be an invitation to start a new spiritual practice that you can implement into daily life, such as journaling, meditation, yoga, or various energy healing techniques. Interpretations depend on whether a man or a woman saw it in a dream, whether it fluttered free or was caught. Dragonfly wings are associated with the element of air, which represents mental pursuits, thoughts, and imagination. I would finally feel released from my depression and anxiety, only to have it reemerge again later. If the dragonfly flew all over the room, and then set off - the guest is literally on the doorstep, and if it sits down to rest on furniture, a wall or a windowsill - the visit will take place a little later. The second interpretation of the signs about the dragonfly in the house is associated with, The Chinese, on the other hand, see dragonflies as a. It is also worth paying attention to how the winged messenger behaves. Dragonflies are sun creatures, venturing out only when the sun is shining bright during the spring and summer. Because dragonflies themselves represent manifestation, dragonfly wings are the convergence of a dream with reality and the spiritual harmony that nurtures it to maturity. Dragonflies are seen to symbolize the throughout the globe. ISBN-13: 978-0691018317, The Dictionary of Dreams: Every Meaning Interpreted 1st Edition Once you determine what you want, dragonflies give you the strength, focus, and willpower to achieve your goals. Fire is the element of energetic growth, action, passion, enthusiasm, and sexuality. If the dragonfly flew into the house, and then began to break against the glass, The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud (Author). It represents the death-rebirth cycle inherent within the natural laws of the universe and all of life itself. Tapping into the energy of the dragonfly can give you insight or inspiration into your own soul’s journey. You may become too meditative and introspective, and don’t take enough action. This balance between action and meditation allows it to survive and thrive in the wild. Yet, the dragonfly stands perfectly poised and balanced, even as the wind blows the grass back and forth. This could be staying at a job you don’t like, being in an unhealthy relationship, or having self-sabotaging behavior stop you from success. There is no nobility, no rationality in this, such an unfair distribution of duties harms the business. Publishing(February 1, 2017). Bringing in protection energy to the home, ending toxic relationships, and building a positive wellness routine are ways to reverse this energy. Also, keep in mind that dragonflies are often a combination of two or more colors, so you may see a blend of different energies. A person can succeed, but its price is high - overcoming himself, his innate laziness. The way that a dragonfly gracefully taps the surface of the water to lay eggs is a metaphor for graceful and efficient communication. It is from the Greeks that they get their root name, Odanates, which means tooth. This period of rest helps us gain strength and inner knowledge for the next time we take action. Esoteric dream book notes that a dragonfly in a dream means laziness, which is in reality the cause of failure in business. The dragonfly teaches that stillness or action can be harmful or powerful depending on the balance of them in your life. The man who dreamed of a dragonfly will meet with a seductive person, frivolous, easy going for a rapprochement, who will make him forget about the debt. An attempt to catch a dragonfly in a dream foreshadows the effort spent on trifles that are not worth it. You may be ending something soon, such as a job, relationship, or chapter in your life. It is time to utilize your potential and be more assertive. This, in itself, is a form of good luck. So, what is the spiritual meaning of a dead dragonfly? Alternatively, the dream can also represent instability, flightiness, or activity. Or getting a massage or going to the sauna after a long day of work can be equally restorative. If it sits down on your hand, it means that there will be litigation ahead. Do you dream of having one life, but are currently walking in the opposite spirit of that dream? The power of the dragonfly comes from the story and journey that it goes through in the course of its life. This is reflected in the dreambooks, which, however, see the difference in what it means in dreams of different people. Dreaming of a Dragonfly – Meaning and Interpretation. ISBN-13: 978-1420954388, Psychology and Alchemy, by C. G. Jung (Author). The Powerful Spiritual Meaning & Message. What is the spiritual significance of dragonfly wings? They are a blend of fire and water energy, representing the importance of balanced yin and yang energy, or masculine and feminine in your daily and spiritual life. The dreamer will have to make a choice - to lead a miserable existence or to reach great heights. What is the spiritual meaning? Dragonflies also represent confidence, because as you continue to grow and have the capacity to fearlessly conquer your goals, your self-confidence and self-assuredness continues to expand. In spiritual growth, both action and meditation in a balanced way are necessary. Killing the one that bit you - to suffer a loss because of lightheadedness. If someone attracts a lot of dragonflies, it is likely they have a high vibration and attractive energy to these creatures. Dreambook of Gypsy clarifies: the meaning concerns an air travel. To learn more about dragonflies, I recommend watching this video by National Geographic called The Secret Life of Dragonflies. To see a dead dragonfly signifies bad news.... My Dream Interpretation Huge milestones and successes attained, only to be hit with another set back that feels as though it pushes us back. Our own spiritual journey is much like this dragonfly. To dream that you are eating a dragonfly suggests that you are consumed by some sort of passion, even at the risk of offending or hurting another person’s feelings. In real life, it is necessary to distinguish between really important goals and momentary gusts. It is the four wings that give them their strength and balance. Death should not be taken literally, it can be seen instead as metaphorical death. They can show up when the presence of your spirit guides are nearby. Please meditate upon this until you grasp the reality of it, or you will go into a tailspin of wonderment, of asking strange questions to people you do not know. Dragonfly’s flying over the water, according to the dreambook of Grishina, is a sign of journey, which will be in vain. They can also ask you to look at your goals and dreams and see how well that harmonizes with your current reality. It may feel familiar, but you are experiencing it with a higher vibration; therefore, it becomes easier and easier to work past them at each higher level. The dragonfly is an expert hunter, resting in perfect stillness until just the right moment to seize an opportunity. Esoteric dream book notes that a dragonfly in a dream means laziness, which is in reality the cause of failure in business. If you have dreams and visions of dragonflies, see them in synchronistic ways, or find that you attract dragonflies in our life frequently, these are signs that a dragonfly might be your animal spirit guide. Water is the element of introspection, emotion, intuition, nurturing energy, and love. Action often requires a lot of energy, making us feel depleted or weak. Dragonflies are a common symbol found in the realm of spirituality because their life cycle is so similar to our own spiritual journey. If there are radiating lights around them, they will fly by to check it out. The dragonfly has been praised in many ancient cultures and spiritual beliefs, lending itself to folklore, superstitions, and spiritual metaphors. You can place the dragonfly near your workspace to help you brainstorm and communicate your ideas in a graceful way. Perhaps someone will give you a present or just bring you some good news. The number four offers stabilizing energy and the foundations to launch you into your next project or goal. A solid meditation practice, or ways to take a step back and observe your actions, can give you wisdom and strength to keep pushing forward. But the signs of a dragonfly beating against a window have two interpretations. Dragonfly dreams, stressing upon the need for freedom and activity, may either symbolize regeneration and change or indicate instability, restlessness and the possibility of something not right in life. If you dreamed of killing it and seeing it dead - the purchase would be unsuccessful. It may also indicate that something in your life may not appear as it seems or is an illusion. Her friends do not represent anything - is it time to be picky in choosing a circle of friends. If the insect is behind the window frame and aggressively breaks against the glass from the outside, as if trying to get inside the house, expect a pleasant surprise.