To improve your processes with plotting, you should sit down in a collaborative environment and consider the primary aim of your data-driven story while outlining the beginning, middle, and end. This one actually comes from an AMA with Randy Olson, a data scientist and moderator over at Reddit’s r/dataisbeautiful. A showcase of data storytelling brought to life. The most powerful way of creative data-driven narratives that simplify insights is to take a “storytelling with data visualization” approach to your efforts. Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business "There is no shortage of data, but there is a shortage people who are able to bring that data to life — to tell a story that initiates real change for the business. Use data, or external validation, to give your story credibility. "You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. While these correlations may not be the same for every major city, it presents a comprehensive way to visualize a broad amount of surveyed information. As big data becomes more prevalent in organizations, data storytelling becomes more important. A valued fulfillment-based KPI across industries, this dynamic mix of graphs offers a panoramic snapshot of supplier compliance rates over a particular time frame. According to a study performed by Skyword, content that features a mix of words and visuals drives 34% more engagement than text-only articles, blog posts, or whitepapers. Finally, there is this chord chart from Visual Cinnamon. Allowing Google’s Cole Nussbaumer to provide a friendly reminder of what data storytelling actually is, it’s straightforward, strategic, elegant, and simple. One real-life example of this is from a campaign launched by Whirlpool. What is an Infographic? Here, we’ll explore the unrivaled power of data storytelling in the digital age while looking at a mix of powerful data storytelling examples generated with a modern dashboard creator. In his article, he used data points from New York City noise complaints not only to map out which neighborhoods were noisiest, but why they were noisy. We’re seeing data that’s been analyzed well and presented in a way that someone who’s never even heard of data science can get it. From the screenshot above, you can see that you’ll definitely want to steer clear of two neighborhoods near the Bronx if you hate the sound of ice cream trucks. Data Analysis: What, How, and Why to Do Data Analysis for Your Organization, 14 fantastic examples of complex data visualized. Concrete: Use concrete examples. While 3D may not always be lauded as the ideal, this certainly proves its utility, especially in this complex, nearly unfathomable subject of light years. It uses empathy, and it has a plot and a hero. A key component of our procurement dashboard, the compliance rate KPI is a prime example of how powerful an individual visualization can be in communicating vital information and how it can fit into a broader narrative. To squeeze the maximum benefit from your data storytelling efforts, you should focus on creating an interactive dialogue between your insights and your audience, using a mix of historical, real-time, and predictive data to drive your message home, whether for financial reporting processes or strategic development of the company. Each of these charts, graphs and pictures showcases the simplest method of presenting data, without compromising clarity or volume of information. 8 fantastic examples of data storytelling New York’s Noisiest Neighborhoods. Every solid story, regardless of its theme or format, has a definitive plot: a beginning, a middle, and an end. Data Stories Should Drive a Message. We come with it.” - Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid's Tale. Tales help make sense of the world around us, and this very notion is the beating heart of using data to tell a story. Insight gained from big data analysis needs to be communicated to people who aren’t familiar with the data in a way that they will understand. While we can’t visualize light years when we see it as a number on a screen, this gives us the visual tools we need to put it in terms we can better understand. Based on the way it starts, and the long nature of the chart, you may think that it’s going to prove we’re so much healthier. Data storytelling is important because it communicates data insights in a way that any person would understand, without being familiar with data analysis at all. To place the notion of knowing how to tell stories with data into practical perspective, here we look at a mix of data storytelling examples or concepts, backed with actionable advice as well as genuine data storytelling templates. By gaining centralized access to business data and presenting it in a visual way that follows a logical path and provides invaluable insights on a particular area or subject, you stand to set yourself apart from your competitors and become a leader in your field. As this list demonstrates, there’s no one way to tell a great story with your data. When you elect to have a “tour” of the vast map on your screen, you’re taken through a slow series of statistic and 3D visuals that show you just how big our galaxy is, relative to our solar system.