Guest Post Guidelines Disney categorizes California Grill as a Signature Dining experience, and it’s irrefutably that. It was almost too beautiful to eat. ). We spent only about 60 percent of that this time. Do you happen to know if the beer cheese soup is vegetarian? I’m allergic to onions and am not crazy about real tomatoes, both of which factor heavily into the dish. The restaurants share ingredients, and I didn’t want to order the same thing at California Grill. However, you will likely enjoy your experience if your only opportunity to visit California Grill is during the fireworks hiatus. We were saying goodbye to one of them on this particular evening. The four of us finished every bit, which means that our collective likes were…all of them. The desserts didn’t stop there though! I highly recommend this shareable for a group setting, as everyone debates their likes and dislikes. It seemed like a difficult task with so much activity! This would be a stellar pick for sharing in the lounge or for a slightly pickier eater in your group. The kitchen is visible to guests so we could see the staff actively trying to keep their distance from each other. The dipping accompaniment was an olive oil compound that’s so good I’d remembered it from five years ago. First up was the Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake with its beautiful artistic display! I wasn’t as enamored as others, a trend that would continue throughout the meal. Disney World Restaurant Search Tool The pizza was a great choice and the crispy crust tasted excellent! I find it pathetic they are so desperate to use a box of corn flakes now on a dessert, I understand shortages and changes but thats about the lowest a high caliber restaurant can go, this location no longer qualifies as high end dining to me. Little Mermaid and Aladdin Are Getting New Funko POP! We were ushered to an elevator that took us to the 15th floor where California Grill is located. (Though they do specialize in some interesting sushi options at California Grill. The rest of my party, the brains of the operation, ordered much smarter. But would the food alone be worth the price tag?? Past Disney World and Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Coverage, Click here for the latest Disney Food news! This appetizer comes with five different and wildly different cheeses, along with some crackers. California Grill exhibited their standardized exceptional cuisine and service yet again. It’s a subtle way to remind us that although we’re dining fancy, we can still experience the magic of Disney. Will you be heading to California Grill soon? (Guests are asked to wear masks whenever they are not eating or drinking anywhere on property! In fact, I fell into one of these groupings the last time I visited the restaurant. The drink was fruity and light, but not too strong. This vacation felt different from most in that my wife and I haven’t been around, you know, people a lot during the pandemic. You’ll walk past the lobby customer service stations and back to the escalator. Full list of Disney Dining FAQ Pages, Staff & Regular Contributors So, this one’s 100 percent on me. So, the mood was a bit melancholy, but our companions were excited. After all these years, California Grill is still one of the swankiest restaurants in Disney World. UPDATE: Disney World Is CHANGING the Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Distribution Times ». While our dining experiences here have been hit or miss over the years, we were very satisfied with our main entrees, the soup was hearty, and the Short Rib Wontons were a pleasant surprise. In short, all the entrees crushed our expectations, save for the one unforced error on my part. DFB TIP: Even patrons of the lounge are welcome to return to view the show on the observation deck! 2021 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining. especially of those Magic Kingdom fireworks that aren’t currently happening, fireworks are temporarily on hold around Disney World. This dish had a really good cut of meat that tasted very rich and flavorful. The soup itself is made with potato-celery root foam, garlic butter, and heirloom apple. Next up: the Grilled Pork Tenderloin. It wasn’t the most spectacular sweet we’ve had, but it was the better choice between the two desserts we ordered. When we heard California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort was reopening, we just had to head over on opening day and see what is different and what remains the same. RECIPE! Those who want to dine at California Grill must do a bit of homework. Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram us @DisneyFoodBlog with #OnTheList! Disney categorizes California Grill as a Signature Dining experience, and it’s irrefutably that. Outside on the observation deck, there were social distancing markers on the ground that showed us where to stand. Terms of Service So let’s see what happens with the rest of the meal! The check-in experience is also unlike any other. Blackberry Sour and Sonoma Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned. Again, we cleaned every plate (except mine), and our kindly server tried to bring me something to make up for the food allergy I’d neglected to mention. Hands-down the BEST thing we ate all night! We picked A Selection of Farmhouse and Artisanal Cheeses.