Show completed trophies. Some Badges are obtained through exploration, one is obtained through joining a covenant, and some are obtained by completing character's questlines. Both are easily telegraphed, and you can roll away from him to avoid them. You will obtain the Wheel Hunter Badge and then the Church Bow (Male) gesture. From here, turn around and go down the stairs, climb the ladder and run across the roof. Past the tower and abandoned building, you should reach another abandoned building containing the Beast Roar tool. Yharnam is relatively easy compared to the previous bosses in the chalice dungeons. There is a bell maiden here, and also an ogre. First, cut down a corpse in the rafters, then drop down to the area with the rats to retrieve it off the corpse./1,000 Blood Echos at Fountain Store (After finding Saw Hunter Badge). When this happens, try and damage his head for massive damage. Yahar'gul, Unseen Village" area. Jump down from the window on the second floor of Castle Cainhurst. Pro tip: Avoid attacking at front to avoid getting eaten by her with her tentacle grapple. Horray! She will fire blood bolts at you from a distance, and when you get close, she will try and swing. Gain entry into the Byrgenwerth lecture building, Pick up the Radiance oath memory from Alfred’s corpse, found near Old Yharnam entrance chapel where you first met him. The Darkbeast will jump around like a lunatic, trying to roast you with its lightning buffed attacks. To get here, you need to go through the Lecture Building, which can be accessed through two different ways (The story way or the optional way). Talk to Doll when you have 1 Insight and had visited 2 times during a play-through to level up. Unfortunately this trophy is one of the few that are missable in the game. After you start to talk to Gerhman you must answer with “Submit your life”. Reload the area. Honouring Wishes Captivated by the moon presence, you pledge to watch over the hunter's dream. Instead, go to the left side of him, next to his right leg. You'll see a wooden house, and a bunch of dog cages. Includes: Main Game, The Old Hunters (DLC) and Chalice Dungeons. Pick up the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge further up the tower. Walk south towards the iron gate that was previously closed and you will find it open. Get every other trophy. When reload the area is mentioned. Then find the backdoor found in the Forbidden Woods. There are 3 dilemmas to be aware of since not everything is possible to be obtained in the first play-through: Since the Formless Oedon rune provides a state boost and that the Master Iron Helm shows you completed the quest properly, those will be done on the first play-through. Do not forget to kill his head for the Holy Moonlight Blade nearby. On the first floor, in one of the lecture rooms. Whatever strategy you choose, good luck, Ebrietas is one of the harder bosses to telegraph and give a planned out strategy for. Micolash is an elusive son of a bitch. Always aim for its weak legs and it will go down after a couple of good smacks, temporarilly stunned. Be sure to use it before New Game+ to obtain a Tear Blood Gem. If you'd like more information on where exactly to find the area or boss, look at that bosse's specific trophy guide. Pick up the Small Hair Ornament in the cupboard. A blood gem is an upgrade material that you can use to imbue your weapons with stat increases. This time he won't jump at you, and will instead jump away. Found on a corpse. One of his 6 arms will be very close to his leg, and with an upwards attack, you can hit this arm with  ease. Sometimes Amygdala will jump, if he does this, just stand still, and he should land right above you, without harming you. Get grabbed by the Amygdalae, who is clinging outside to the Oedon Chapel, to enter the Hunter’s Nightmare. Pardon my French, but this fight is a bitch. Gain entry to the realm of the Choir, After killing the Celestial Emmisary in the Upper Cathedral Ward area, you can break a window directly in front of the newly created lamp. Go for the legs! - Complete Eileen's questline (Can also kill her to get badge). However, it's possible to skip the first boss fight and end up at the graveyard of this madman before having beaten the Cleric Beast. atana. Use the Red Jeweled Brooch to obtain a Red Blood Gem. If you reload the area, you can talk to Simon near his head if you want. If you attack its legs you can easily stun the boss, which will give you a couple of seconds to deal massive damage. Includes: Main Game, The Old Hunters (DLC) and Chalice Dungeons. Bought for 20,000 Blood Echos at Fountain Store after finding the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. This is an 100% completionist guide for those experienced hunters that want to make sure they collect everything possible and do all the possible quests in a single play-through in Bloodborne. This is your chance to attack it with everything you have got. Trophy Guide - Bloodborne. You'll gain 1 Insight for beating the host after invading using the Sinister Bell. Gain entry to Cainhurst, the lost and ruined castle. Bloodborne makes a brutal return with the new Old Hunters DLC and it's brought some new trophies with it. Kill Gilbert, who broke out his window as a beast, to obtain the Clawmark rune (V.ATK +20%). Bloodborne is a hardcore RPG from the fiendish minds at From Software similar to Dark Souls. Defeat Martyr Logarius (Boss) to obtain the Crown of Illusions. Walk straight at the entrance doorway and drop down 3 times onto a balcony with two enemies. She will now be charging her AOE, so roll away, and then repeat as necessary. The Cleric Beast is an optional boss, meaning it is possible (Incredibly difficult, but possible) to complete the game without fighting it, making this trophy missable. the source of the hunter's dream. Did you notice those Chiming Assclowns in the cutscene? Blood Gem Master . Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeon. Bought for 40,000 Blood Echos at Fountain Store after finding the Crow Hunter Badge. Eventually he will fall, and you will be able to leave this poison swamp place forever. Pro tip: Skillful gun-parry is effective. Chalice location: Dropped by the Blood-starved Beast. Any 100% Checklists/ Guides? 2. Don't let her, instead use a fast weapon like the Saw Cleaver to stun lock her. See. This also explains why you might consider the enemies in this area to be rather overpowered. Backtrack a couple of steps to find another hallway which you can use to come at him from the side. Weapon Master . 3. The (5) is the stat rating of that gem, and it'll usually be better than any of the lower ranked gems. Finding all of them will earn you the “Hunter’s Essence” trophy. Three badges—Crow Hunter, Old Hunter and Wheel Hunter—can be missed if you do not complete their respective side quests correctly. In this chest is the tool. Face your fears as you search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. This is an 100% completionist guide for those experienced hunters that want to make sure they collect everything possible and do all the possible quests in a single play-through in Bloodborne. Don't attack his legs, as it will deal next to no damage. From the lamp, follow the path given, and you will reach a bridge with two enemy hunters in the distance. By the end of following this guide, you’ll have every: Caryll Rune, Garment, Gesture, Handgun, Hunter Tool, Messenger Dressing, Oath Memory (Covenant), Trophy and Weapon. Talk to Eileen the Crow multiple times to obtain the Shake of Cape gesture. There are 26 Hunter Weapons in Bloodborne. Equip all the church garments, gloves excluded, and talk to Adella the Nun multiple times. Simply sprint around the arena attacking each clone to prevent any shenanigans with them later on. Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon. Acquire the Great Chalice of Isz that seals Bought for 50,000 Blood Echos at Fountain Store after collecitng the Cainhurst Badge. The Witch of Hemwick is an optional boss, meaning it is possible to complete the game without fighting her, making this missable. This will cut out 2 extra playthroughs. Hey guys, I just finished my first playthrough last night. Blood Gems are perks that you can use to imbue your weapons with stat upgrades. Hunter's Craft . Talk to the NPC before the lamp to obtain the Accursed Brew. This lever will drop Mother Brain into a chasm, disabling the annoying frenzy insta-kills that can sometimes occur throughout the level. Runes that have already been picked up in a previous play through will get replaced with a Madman’s Knowledge or Great One’s Wisdom. After each attack you have a couple of seconds to get a couple of quick slashes in. Acquire all hunter weapons. You need to defeat the. You might want to bring a weapon with a good range for this fight. This is found in Isofeka's Clinic. Once this is done take care of the boss.