4. (i) Mention three diseases of the liver, (ii) In a tabular form, state five differences between plant and animal cells. Haemorrhage is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin, 52. The cell wall of plants is rigid due to the presence of? Calyx; it protects the flower which is in the bud, Mitochondrion; it produce energy in the cell, Ribosome; it brings about protein synthesis in the cell, (ii)it speed up the rate of chemical reaction, (iii)avoid dumping refuse into the drainage system, (iv)strict laws in the disposal of refuse. When will neco biology obj and essay come out? Which of these is a water soluble vitamin? 10. Which of the following cell organelles traps sunlight energy in plant? (i) Draw a well labelled diagram (8-10cm long) of the human alimentary canal, b. T T and t t are monohybrid plants representing tallness and shortness respectively. Fertilization in flowing plants leads to the production of seeds which are capable of germinating into new plant. Plants that survive in marine habitats are called, 60. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. List of Schools and Their Courses For 2020/2021 | NUC Approved Courses. Gaseous exchange in the lungs occurs at the. Plants are classified into the following classes except (a)Bryophyte. b. The following are the effect of auxins on plant except in. Go through them and be ready to score high in your WAEC 2020 Biology Examination. Using annotated diagrams only, illustrate the carbon cycle. The  diagram represents the internal structure of a. Which of the following diseases is not sexually transmitted. WAEC Biology Questions 2020 Objective and Theory Update. The following conditions are necessary for photosynthesis except. (iii)use of hand sanitizer with high alcoholic content, (i)they have two seed leaves or cotyledon, (ii)there floral parts are in four or fives, (iii)there vascular bundles are in concentric circles, (i)Possession of the leaves that helps in floatation, (ii)their stomata are located on the surface of the plant for easy gaseous exchange. The 2020 NECO Biology expo will be posted here today, 20th November during the NECO Biology examination. Use the diagram  below to answer questions 36 – 38. The structure responsible for the transportation of mineral salt from the root to other parts of the plant is? Which of the following animals exhibit basking, 48. (i)predation; this is a relationship between two organism in which one feeds on the other organisms. Free & Correct WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2020 guide Here C. John Ray You will also understand how NECO Biology questions are set and how to answer them. (b) Coelenterate. 1. 26. The excretory organ of insects is called, 23. Which of the following organisms carries out photosynthesis? In this case the pollen grains (male reproductive gamete) is transferred onto the stigma where it is passed into the ovary for pollination to take place and then to the ovule leading to the formation of seed. Use the diagram below to answer questions 18 and 19. The questions below are the WAEC Biology Questions. Get the Most Legit Information and Guide on the Latest Jobs in Nigeria, Facebook and Education Here. A. Charles Darwin. BSEB Biology Objective Guess Questions Answer 2020: Here we have collected Bihar board Biology Objective 35 very important Questions for intermediate 2020 Annual examination point of views. The response of plants to the stimulus of touch is called? The questions below are the Neco past questions and answers that will help you in your 2020 Neco Biology Questions. The … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I need Biology Questions and answers NECO 2020. thanks so much bekeking admin. 1. Change ), Class 11 Biology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers The waves cause the vibration of the tympanic membrane which passed on to the ear Ossicles that amplify them. 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