It is highly durable and resistant to decay and abrasions. The hard maple wood we use is sourced from Pennsylvania and further north. Our platform bed insert is just that. Carving maple is really difficult, but it can be dyed for decorative purposes. This natural product can be bleached, stained. A behind-the-scenes interview with our Product Designer. Pine wood. We spent an afternoon with Leah Larsen, one of Savvy Rest's talented woodworkers in Charlottesville, Virginia. Metal frames can also be used on sofas, but they are not as common. Watco Danish Oil is actually for interior wood with a varnish additive. Cherrywood is probably the best wood for indoor pieces of furniture, such as carved chairs and tables. “Some companies use poplar wood strictly for their furniture,” Judd, our Product Developer and Woodshop Manager explains. If we were to only use poplar in our beds, it wouldn’t have that same vibrant, pristine finish. There is lot of versatility when it comes to teak wood and also it can also be used in multiple ways. One specific type of hardwood that does an excellent job of this is Red-Leaf Maple. These gorgeous furniture pieces come with the same zero-VOC stain options as our platform beds and are available with or without a shelf. For good mood, health and feeling, people have to sleep a lot on a comfortable bed. When you place your mattress on top of the platform bed or insert, every visible part of the furniture piece is maple. And knowing which woods will work best for a painted finish will help you choose the … Your email address will not be published. Easily deformed, soft but older wood wears out faster; yellow pine – meets in orange, yellow, tan. In that way, the whole chain of it is better for the planet.”. It’s also listed as being “S-Dry”. “However, then they have to use some pretty nasty dyes to make it look like other wood.”. A higher number of layers glued together, flush and true construction and interlocking joints make for a very sturdy frame. Hence let us have a look at few of the best quality wood that are used mostly for preparing the Indian doors and the window frames. Instead, the posts fit together seamlessly. “Our finishes are zero-VOC, which is a very important thing for people, especially those concerned about the air quality in their house,” Judd says. It’s easy to apply and penetrates deeply into the surface for a beautiful finish. Wood is also a varied material concerning colors. For production bed frames quality and robust wood is used. As a Newbie, I am constantly browsing online for articles that can help me. The image to the left shows a typical grade stamp on the kind of framing lumber I buy for making fine furniture. Then I read the MSDS on it. Poplar is found in our natural platform beds and platform bed insert. While kiln-dried hardwood has been the hallmark of quality furniture for quite some time, furniture-makers and engineers alike often feel that a high-quality plywood (there are different grades and qualities) can be just as structurally sound. Our customers love that no tools are required when setting up our platform bed and platform bed inserts. The Platform Bed Insert: An Easy Alternative, Against the Grain: An Interview with Leah Larsen. Maple holds our zero-VOC stains beautifully. … Pine and poplar both fit the bill. When it comes to some of the best furniture woods, maple is amongst the top candidates. So, which wood is best for your timber frame home? A little knowledge and the best wood for outdoor furniture is all you need to make your own stunning additions, just like my sitting benches. Furniture production from softwoods is easier than hardwoods. It makes an exceptional wood for bed frames, as it doesn’t wear or shrink, being very solid and durable. Whitten Architects Save Photo. Wooden bed type depends on your taste and room’s style. Red-Leaf Maple is … We source two different types of wood: maple and poplar. A little work, a little wood, and out into the great outdoors we go. This material is practical and unpretentious in maintenance. cedar – can be brown or white, often used for making decorative panels. How a stain is created in the first place is also worth looking into. Poplar is used for the ledger and slats, so the internal parts of the furniture piece. As previously mentioned, we only use zero-VOC finishes for our furniture. Click to see contents . But other furniture companies, unfortunately, don’t seem to mind. 2. We wanted to create a mattress foundation that was high-end, effective and safe but also affordable and stress-free. Learn why we chose to use maple and poplar in our designs, and how they result in superior furniture frames. Hardwoods are more durable and expensive than previous one. At Just Wood Furniture, we’ll look at four factors most people consider when looking at bed frames to help you compare and decide. The best, strongest wood is regionally-grown, sustainably harvested hardwood, not softwood such as pine. birch – can be light tan or white, easy to work with and colored in mahogany, cherry, walnut; it is hard to work with birch if needed to make intricate details, birch are good for simple contemporary lines; cherry – has reddish-brown color and easy to work with, for example to carve and use for decoration; the best type of fruitwood for making bed frames; ebony – is brown or nearly black; it can be colored in black for bringing good dark wood bed frames; it is strong, tight, more often is used for inlays; mahogany – has beautiful reddish-brown and red color, it loves shrinking and warping; it also easy to cut out; maple – is light beige color; it is warping, shrinking and hard to work with; oak – varies from pinkish-brown to white color (white wood bed frames); is strong to warping, shrinking and wearing; it is easy to work with oak, so it’s the best wood for bed frame; poplar – has light tan with green or pink streaks; not very strong and easy to work with; often is used for interior furniture; rosewood – is beautiful red color, has black graining; has many advantages: easy to work with, good curled, well-worn; it is rare and expensive material, often used like a veneer; teak – has beautiful honey-brown color, solid and used for outdoor furniture; a buyer can enjoy it during 50 years; walnut – is dark grayish-brown and darker; it is easy to carve. For example, you can create an octagonal mirror frame using eight pieces of wood cut on 22.5-degree angles. You don’t have to worry about a bunch of bolts and screws. This kind of nature material is valued for high quality furniture. Beech is a strong and heavy hardwood often used to make pieces that require bending (like these chairs). When you buy something, you’re essentially voting for what types of products and what type of company values you appreciate. The maple and poplar wood we use in our furniture is responsibly sourced and certified sustainable by Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. Required fields are marked *, Corner Room Desk: 11 Helpful Tips How to Save Space, 12 Convenient Ways of Small Corner Fireplace Designs in Living Room, Best Wood for Bed Frame: 13 Most Popular Soft and Hardwoods. Commonly found in: Scandinavian-style rooms; inconspicuous places like drawer bottoms and sides. Best for: Making outside corners on door and window trim and creating decorative frames. Pine is a soft wood (needles) while poplar is a hard wood. There are zero-VOC finishes out there that when set are zero-VOC. It has a naturally light color and a fine, tight grain that gives it a uniform look. Best Wood for Bed Frame: Hardwoods. The Best Wood Species for Furniture 1. At the end of the day, selecting the right wood species, processing, and finishing comes down to your own personal style and budget. We’ve covered all the bases with our Afton and Esmont platform beds. However, their raw form is different. Teak wood: The most common variety of wood is teak wood which is used for preparing Indian doors and window frames. The Walnut color brings out a deep, warm tone to the wood. The root of these products starts with literal roots—trees. However, not all zero-VOC finishes are created equal.