In fact, eating foods to clear sinuses can help give you temporary relief, without the added side effects. It also reduces the swelling of sinus membranes and helps to clear sinus transitions. So instead, eat these foods to clear sinuses, it might just be all of the “medicine” you need. According to WebMD, congestion stems from inflammation and irritation in the membranes lining the nasal passages, which then produce an excess of mucus. 6. Prevention. Breathe easier with the help of these congestion-clearing foods. For the best results, warm up the water in a kettle and drink it while it’s comfortably hot. Sinus congestion, or a stuffy nose, often accompanies sinusitis, but the former can occur for other reasons, such as a cold. While conventional medicine can help, it can also make you feel drowsy. Spicy foods, such as horseradish and hot sauce can help open congested sinuses, leading to discharge. Best Foods 16. Congestion, often accompanied by sinus pressure, is a symptom of many illnesses — allergies, a cold, and the flu, to name a few. Spicy Food. Repeat this process as necessary to help clear your sinuses. 17. You can make tea from the root of the ginger or use it as an additive. Thin mucus will drain from your sinuses and ears easier. Apple Cider Vinegar. If you’ve had blocked sinuses, you probably don’t want it to happen often, so prevention is the key! Typically, spicy foods like peppers, jalapeños, and horseradish can release mucus in your nostrils, ultimately clearing them. Ginger reduces pressure on sinuses. If you require a natural decongestant, look no further than your dinner plate. Soak a washcloth in warm water and wring it out. Place a warm, damp cloth on your face to loosen any mucus. Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful natural ingredient that helps to relieve you from the sinus headache. Learn about these 10 best foods good for sinus congestion. To enhance the flavor and add extra decongesting power, mix in a little ginger, honey, and cinnamon. Grandma Remedies To Clear Sinus Congestion. Here are a few dietary tips to consider to clear your sinuses, as well as foods you should consider steering clear of. Eat a well-balanced diet – Eating healthy foods promotes good health. Good overall health is key to sinus health, and there are a handful of vitamins that play a role in helping you avoid infection. One of the most important is borneol, a chemical compound that prevents inflammation and lowers the temperature. Hot soup promotes the movement of mucus that helps to clear the sinus away. Your sinuses secrete mucus designed to keep the air passageways clear and lubricated. Here are a few ways you can avoid blocked sinuses. Fresh ginger contains 80% of water and more than 160 ingredients. 2. Spicy foods have been used to open the sinus cavity and promote the restoration of normal breathing, according to the 3. However, blockages in the sinuses can lead to infection, causing considerable discomfort. Spicy Foods. 7. Pepper .