I think the best way is to start going ahead and making small steps to your dreams. . Best Chinese Restaurants in Guangzhou, Guangdong: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Guangzhou Chinese restaurants and search by price, location, and more. SO ACAI. If you want to eat extremely delicious and elegant dim sum, White Swan hotel has undoubtedly the BEST dim sum in Guangzhou. Guangzhou restaurant AKA Guangzhou Jiujia or 广州酒家 is one of Guangzhou’s oldest and most famous dim sum restaurants. Guangzhou-style moon cakes are one of the best choices for the Chinese people when celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival. Thanks for the awesome videos! I’m also guilty of dipping these in a chili sauce, I just can’t help it! These molten egg custard steamed buns are one of my favorite dim sum dishes. Go to Shangxia Jiu Pedestrian Street, Xihua Road and Renmin Road, you come across many Wonton Noodles eateries. Ps: to use Google maps and find these locations, I recommend using ExpressVPN. It is another eating culture of Guangzhou. ... “Fancy food and Friendly staff, The best Italian Restaurant in Town ” “To be honest I didn't know how much to expect of an Italian restaurant in Gua...” 24. The main staple of the region is rice, and most dishes will be composed of rice, meat and/or seafood, and vegetables. The defference between the two of them are significant and a food ranger shouldn’t make this simple mistake. Hi,常乐,Could you tell me what’s the Chinese name of the 3rd restaurant ? 3. Here, in Guangdong, and the rest of the south of China, you can find elegant, refined cuisine that is best experienced in hole in the wall restaurants and high end restaurants alike. Just as the same idea of Liang Cha, locals believe some Chinese herbs, beans, fresh fruits and flour food cooked together with sugar can nourish the body and keep health. Grappa’s. I even follow your guide when we travel back to China! It’s basically shredded turnip and rice flour in a pan fried cake. Scroll below for the top 10 street foods you must try in Guangzhou, China. Yow T-James! Sweet or salty, Guangzhou-style moon cakes are golden yellow in color, beautifully shaped and soft, with thin skin and clear and delicate patterns. more. and also do hook me up with a chinese garl! I have gone through your food videos. I was just wondering what the English was like in these restaurants, as none of us can speak mandarin. Sugar Water Sugar Water in Guangzhou is not only a simple food that put sugar into the water as a dessert. Please show more good food in Guangdong! I want to achieve my dream goal by becoming a food ranger like you. La Medina. We have also taken part in your latest 2M subscribers give away to Guangzhou and hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet yourself and Ting! The sweetened red bean steamed buns are also famous in Guangzhou. Another favorite Cantonese cuisine is the sweet red bean soup dessert ( tong sui ), usually served hot after a meal. Japanese Restaurants in Guangzhou; Late Night European Restaurants in Guangzhou; Pizza for Large Groups in Guangzhou; Pizza in Guangzhou; Seafood Restaurants in Guangzhou; Sushi in Guangzhou; Vegetarian Restaurants in Guangzhou; Popular Dishes Best Crab Legs in Guangzhou; Best Pho in Guangzhou; Best Chicken Sandwich in Guangzhou; Best Hummus in Guangzhou Portugese egg tarts are famous all throughout Southern China, and is heavily influenced by the Portugese pastel de nata,  and is said to have been found first in Guangzhou in the 1920’s. The radish cake! ... “Fancy food and Friendly staff, The best Italian Restaurant in Town ” “To be honest I didn't know how much to expect of an Italian restaurant in Gua...” 24. In Southern China, the most common noodle to fry is thin, yellow egg noodles with beef and served with a chili sauce that you can dip each bite into. They have excellent dim sum of all types, but are famous for their hongchangfen, a rice noodle roll with a crispy pastry and shrimp stuffed inside, they are definitely worth a try! Your email address will not be published. Best Fast Food in Guangzhou: See Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Fast Food Restaurants in Guangzhou. I always order up one or even two steamers of Har Gao shrimp and pork fat dumplings. Wonton Noodle (Yuntun Mian) Wonton Noodle is popular Guangzhou food. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. If you want to try century egg, but don’t want to try a bite out of a whole egg, you can order up this famous rice porridge in almost any dim sum restaurant and get a taste for the real deal. You can also find this dish on the street for breakfast or in many little family run restaurants specializing in all different types of changfen. Its gonna be helpful for muslim follower and eater. It's so full of delicious food here! There are now many chain locations throughout the city, but you should visit the old one in the city center for the classic experience. The silky rice flour wrapper, the springy shrimp, and the bursting pork fat makes these dumplings an all time favorite dim sum dish. Bar, Pub $$ - $$$ “A very nice afternoon chinese tea” “Nice place, good service” 25. “Best Turkish food in Guangzhou! And as the capital of delicious food, Guangzhou has more than Dim Sum. 1. Hi Saural!!! We booked our air tickets and hotel right after re-watching one of your videos on Guangzhou’s delicacies and can’t wait to be there in December! This is especially useful  if you're using my other Chinese food guides, like my Xi'an food guide and my Chengdu food guide. “Best Turkish food in Guangzhou! Zoom in to see updated info. We were inspired by your food tours in Guangzhou and we have decided to make a trip there just to try out all the food that you have recommended. The fluffy bao dough and the soft, juicy, and slightly sweet BBQ pork is so satisfying! La Medina. Especially in guangzhou ? It is good for breakfast. They outer pastry dough is soft and flaky and the inner egg custard is sweet and very enjoyable! Best Spanish Restaurants in Guangzhou, Guangdong: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Guangzhou Spanish restaurants and search by price, location, and more. I am a student in Guangzhou now, Hi Trevor James! Cantonese food is perhaps the most famous Chinese food around the world, mainly because the first and second wave Chinese immigrants came from the south of China; Guangdong, Fujian, and Hainan. I’ll be heading to China in one month with some friends. Cantonese moon cake can be divided into two categories: the salty and the sweet. It would truly take a lifetime to eat everything! Another famous dim sum dish you must try when you go for dim sum in Guangdong. One thing I want to point out: the picture shown in “蛋挞”(egg tart) is actually “葡挞”(Portuguese egg tart). Bar, Pub ££ - £££ “A very nice afternoon chinese tea” “Nice place, good service” 25. The prices are expensive, but it is so worth it. They are stuffed with an oozy, gooey egg custard that is sweet, a little granular, and when served steaming hot, you won’t be able to stop eating them! Hi Trevor James, I’ve been following your channel on YouTube for a long time. Dim Dou Dak is one of Guangzhou’s few restaurants that serves dim sum all day. 55 reviews Closed Now. hit me up! Dont’ dismiss them until you try them because when they are done right, they can be absolutely incredible.