The B5 can easily be used as a reference grade mic, if accuracy/neutrality is your objective. Daniel Len­gies. Behringer MIC500USB Tube Ultragain Röhrenvorverstärker und Audio Interface, Preamp-Modelling mit 16 Preamp-Voreinstellungen für Stimmen, Akustik- und E-Gitarre, … With the mic setup so that "The rain Spain" at 300mm gives me ~-20dBFS rms in Samplitude se8.That is via a Behringer Xenyx 802 (ok! Haven't tried 'em but anything Behringer, contrary to popular disillusionment, is pretty damn good. Perfect for acoustic instruments, overhead, piano, etc. Drum Mics. Sold as matched pair--perfect for stereophonic recording. Has anyone tryed the behringer c4 matched condensor mics?? Behringer C-2 mic test. Behringer Produkte sind sehr verbreitet bei Musikern! Behringer c2 Gra­ba­cion en estereo / Cam­i­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. Youtube. Low-mass diaphragm for wide frequency response and ultimate sound reproduction. Show all. I bought this mic primarily for home studio use and after working with it for just over a week i feel that i can be a little more thorough reviewing it. 1st July 2009 #2. videoracer. Show all. Gear Addict . Behringer C-2 micro­phon test | AB pair. behringer C4 mics..opinions. Share Quote. Noise performance is good on the C4, and even better on the B5. I would suggest getting them and … )into a 2496.If I shut up, the ambient level is -46rms but my pc is noisy and we rig a laptop for quiet work. Show all. Jeder neunte Thomann-Kunde hat schon mindestens ein Produkt von Behringer bei uns gekauft. Due to the broad nature, it will rather audible, as compared to the narrow peaks on the B-5. Feri Takacs Online Guides. The Behringer C-4 are 2 professional true condenser microphones for studio recording and live applications. Youtube. The quality of this mic has surprised me, i was expecting recordings to sound thin without any warmth or richness and this isn't the case at all. 1 Behringer C4 Single Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Set Product Name Condenser Feedback Would you like to tell us about a ... C-4 mics also feature a switchable low-frequency rolloff to eliminate infrasonics (mic handling and wind noise), as well as a switchable 10 dB input attenuation to accommodate for hot signals, such as a really loud vocalist – or overzealous cellist. The C4 has up to 3dB semi-broad peak in the mid treble band. Show all. Cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback elimination. Der Hersteller Behringer wurde zuletzt am 28.03.2016 als Marke der Woche bei Thomann ausgezeichnet. i was planning on getting some for a cheap drum overheads till i can afford a set of AKG C414's any opinions?? Shutup at the back! Equip­ment: Das Mic - Behringer C2 Stereo-Set. Youtube. Cam­i­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. Fre­drik Jonsson.