The update it got was more an expansion. You get your $60 worth of play time for sure, but there isn’t $60 worth of content. Dataminer Ninji has discovered a whole host of new content hiding in the deepest, darkest recesses of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' code, some of which could potentially point to upcoming features. Can we please not datamine everything and be surprised by things like the developers intended for once? But being able to collect more things would drastically increase my personal enjoyment. I like the stuff mentioned, but what about the QoL updates? @CairiB Not exactly, there’s a natural progression in the base game anyway so surely this could have been implemented in the same way? Imagine the switch cuts off access to the servers. But in New Leaf you could actually tell if it was fake or not by looking at it, such as the fake Mona Lisa's hands being in a different position or the fake Venus de Milo having long hair instead of short. hopefully, the ability to modify the beach will appear. @Yorumi if it was in the game but not accessible until certain dates, why is that preferable? Animal Crossing: New Horizons – new details revealed from 1.3.0 update datamine Posted on July 4, 2020 by Brian ( @NE_Brian ) in News , Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its new 1.3.0 update this week, and as is tradition, some fans have taken a closer look at the code to see what else can be gleamed aside from what Nintendo officially announced. i have so many ideas, but more construction permits are needed. Being able to have actual cooking recipes sounds exciting too! Il va sans dire que le reste de cet article sert de gros spoilers, alors ne lisez pas si vous préférez rester dans le noir sur le nouveau contenu. That’s a good set of features there. The terraforming itself, I can only imagine took a lot of work to implement. I was disappointed to find out they removed swimming. Not fun at all. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons könnten bald noch einige neue Funktionen hinzukommen. It's also very obviously (at least to me) part of their strategy to keep time travelers from playing for two weeks and being done. It’s not as if you can only swim in a desert island until you build a museum. So, anyone with a 'completed' 5-star rating island, is screwed? @LavaTwilight I wouldn't swim or dive if I lived on an island in real life. A lot easier than these people no longer doing it. Nothing has been shorted here, so that’s why I find perspective off base. Most Nintendo AAA games are fully cooked on release. We were speculating forever as to why that's there.Now if only we could find a way to bring back Capp'n. I'd probably actually buy the game then, and just treat it as a harvest moon style thing. @westman98 which is an utterly moot point and entirely irrelevant to anything said here. If you don’t want to know, there’s nothing wrong with that either. La vente Black Friday de GOG démarre, Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition (Switch) Tests, Les Russes à Liberty City: un nouveau doublage a été publié pour GTA 3. Oh hey. Well at least there's a good chance that Redd will be making a return. I guess I would feel the same way if like Mario odyssey released with only 3-4 kingdoms. Cela inclut le nouvel article Yule Log trouvé dans votre boîte aux lettres, le Pocket Camp Collaboration NookPhone, le tapis saisonnier Aurora Wall & Sunflower, et curieusement ce qui semble être une nouvelle recette de Summer Shell pour un tapis. considering almost all or all features Ninji have found in the game, i believe in this year we gonna get all the features and mechanics hinted/found on the game data, so expect the Cooking mechanics /Dishes and Vegetables in a Fall update with the depth of the Crafting mechanics, around octobre/novembre, all the previous mechanics and aspect of the game found in Datamine have come to the game such as the Art Gallery/Swimming/Diving mechanics. Et comme nous l’avons couvert dans un autre article, ces événements ne peuvent pas être consultés à l’avance avec le voyage dans le temps cette fois. If that's what you believe, then put your money where your mouth is and don't buy Animal Crossing (or sell if you already did buy it) and support the few games that have no free content updates, expansions, DLC, battle passes, microtransactions, loot boxes, amiibo support, etc. @meeto_1 in this case a lot of this stuff existed day 1 in NL. feels weird to have a "tropical island getaway" and us go back to just the standard fruits from the series and get rid of the fun additions of mangos, bananas, lychees, durians, persimmons i loved those. It was called welcome amiibo I think. Le moins cher coûte presque autant que deux PS5, Keanu Reeves a joué dans Cyberpunk 2077. That's the NSMBW Dude. These new features if they materialise will be welcomed, but they are additions not necessities. To want publishers to be bold and add new mechanics but also expect everything that came before be transferred over I think is unrealistic. Of course, there are probably instances where developers have rushed out games under the guise of supporting the GAAS model (last year's Anthem is a prime example). Sounds like Nintendo has already laid the groundwork for some really interesting updates for quite a while. So they've all shifted to selling a product without telling people what's actually in it. I agree. @Yosher It was a lot easier for you to not click on this article than it is for everyone else to change their interests for you. This seems purely based on initial, and in some cases, continued practices of select publishers. Catégorie(s) : Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Datamine, News, Update, Le vrai nom de Baby Yoda a été révélé! En général, nous essayons d’éviter de tels articles “grossiers”, mais j’ai senti qu’il était important de diffuser certaines de ces informations de base dès que possible!