Practice Vocabulary and Spelling of Adverbs of Frequency (Usually, Sometimes, Always, Often, Never etc.) Work and play Elementary (A1-A2) In this lesson, students learn vocabulary for typical work tasks and leisure time activities. Once your students understand the basics of how this part of speech works, it’s time to look at adverbs with more specific uses, for example adverbs of frequency.. If you have found this website and its resources useful Adverbs may not be the first topic you cover in your ESL class, but they are sure to come up sooner or later. Here are some common adverbs of frequency (in order from most frequent to least frequent): always (do 100% of the time - e.g. Learners must select the correct adverb from: never, sometimes, usually, always. Now the students know how it works, they could create the 3×3 grid themselves, choosing what they think are the best adverbs. as well as once/twice/three times a week/month/year.. The worksheet presents adverbs of frequency (never, rarely, sometimes, often, etc.) Adverbs of frequency are used to say how often we do things or how often things happen. Adverbs of frequency exercise using a calendar with illustrations of activities. in this ESL Interactive Hangman Spelling Game Online. Target Language The Adverbs adverbs of frequency (twice a week, everyday, a few times a year etc.).