Note: A split spacebar variant of this keyboard is also available with a total of 69 keys, while all other features, design, and specifications remain the same. So, if you are looking for a cheap and basic 60% mechanical keyboard then this is your best bet. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Some of the 60% mechanical keyboards do come with RGB lighting too, and can be used by gamers who want to save some space on their deck. Mode (Windows), Mac Mode, and to customize some of the main keys. The SK621 takes the classic slim, minimal design of the most popular chiclet keyboard and injects it with the signature Cooler Master mix of flair and functionality. HELP ME CHOOSE A KEYBOARD. This includes a brushed aluminum top plate for durability and contemporary good looks, while a contoured floating key design gives you a 1-2 punch of functionality and signature beauty. The keyboard comes with Gateron switches (Blue / Brown / Red) that are Cherry MX clones but feels pretty nice. However, it is still pretty compact and smaller than TKL keyboards, and you can carry it easily in your laptop bag. It has a floating keys design that makes it easier to clean. So, if you are looking for a portable keyboard for professional and gaming needs with dedicated arrow keys included, then you won’t find anything better than this. The main highlight of this 60% keyboard is its unique switches. …Clean Wipe Medical Grade Waterproof Chiclet Keyboard - Black - Windows, Mac - Construction: ABS Plastic (Chiclet Style w/ Silicone Cover) - 99 US Key Layout - Cable Length Type: 1.83m USB - Key Switch Type: Chiclet Style w/ Scissor Mechanism - Force: 60 +/- 15 gf - Life Cycle: 8,000,000 cycles+ -… SKU#: AC34119 Model#: SSKSV099V2 Akshat Verma is the owner of this technology blog and has more than 15 years of experience in computer hardware field. This 60% mechanical keyboard has got Laster Etched PBT keycaps that are better than ABS keycaps as they are durable and hard, and do not develop shine or smooth out in the long run. It is also a great compact keyboard for someone who wants a slim portable mechanical keyboard that is easy to carry in their laptop bag. The operating systems supported by this keyboard include Windows and Mac OS. Simple, straightforward, and fool-proof. All the durability and precision of traditional Cherry MX switches, now with a travel distance and actuation point reduced by 0.8mm. This means you can activate or engage the missing keys using the modifier key or FN key in conjunction with another key. This may not be the preferred compact keyboard for programmers and coders who do a lot of typing and want greater programming features, but is a great alternative for regular users and some gamers, who want to save a considerable amount of space on their desk. While a displaced cup of coffee can mean the end of a traditional keyboard, a chiclet keyboard is highly resistant to such mishaps. In Bluetooth mode, you can pair and connect up to four devices (Android, Windows, Mac OS, IOS). Most of these 60 percent keyboards also come with DIP switches that allow you to change keyboard layout e.g. It works with both Windows and Mac OS. Despite more keys, the keyboard is still super compact and portable. 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